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In 2007 Fred Schenk called upon his fellow classmates that he knew were still around the Greater Cedarburg area to get the plans going for the 20-year reunion of the CHS class of 1988.  A committee formed with Smith, Trost, Verhaalen, Dietrich, Ronchetti, Anderle, Jacob, Uselman and Uselding all tossing around how to put something like this together.  A few months later it happened.  And it happened well.  We ran the Cedarburg Cultural Center out of beer by 8:30pm.  A quick run to the old Schnapps Haus got us until 10pm and then an emergency run to a local bar took us to the close at midnight.  Then we walked next door to the Stonewall Pub (former Guse’s Marine Bar) where a bar fight ensued with some shady non-1988ers and we closed it down.  Bloody Marys at Morton’s the following morning never tasted so good…

Fast forward five years to the 25th and Smith and the committee made it happen again.  This time it was a DJ with a silent auction at the brand-new Ozaukee County Pavilion at the fairgrounds.  Less debauchery, but we did our best to close Maxwell’s down where some great pictures found there way on to the class’s Facebook page.

On to the 30th…a committee will be formed, your input will be begged for and mistakes will be made.

Can’t wait.

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