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May 4, 2018 | Posted in: Uncategorized

Hello dogs and dogettes!  Monday, May 7th.  As many of the 13 survey respondents that said they were interested in being on the planning committee are getting together over beer and popcorn to review the survey results and get some structure.  66 survey responses so far.  170 of our 280 have Facebook profiles.  We have 60 other emails on file, but no responses from them to date.  Setting the date and place is easy.  Getting in touch with 200+ others is our biggest challenge.

Your committee (before they start ringing the bell three times to get out of this SEAL training):

Bednarski, Beilfuss, Champeau, Dietrich, Foerst, Happ, Hohn, Jacobs, Knetzger, Smith, Thiele, Uselding & Verhaalen

Stay tuned for updates!

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